Anti-Muslim Sign Outside Restaurant Stirs Controversy

Anti-Muslim Sign Outside Restaurant Stirs Controversy

A sign posted by the owner of a Minnesota restaurant in response to the recent terrorist attack in St. Cloud has generated controversy and led to protests.

“Muslims Get Out,” the sign reads. On the following line it says, “In Support of St. Cloud.” St. Cloud was the site of a Sept. 17 terrorist attack in which a man went around a mall asking shoppers if they were Muslim before stabbing them, according to CBS News.

People Tweet Awful Things About Muslims After NYC Bombing

People Are Tweeting Awful Things About Muslims After The New York Bombing

After a bombing in New York City on Saturday, a lot of people did exactly what you shouldn’t do after an act of violence and went on the Internet to spread division and hate.

According to an analysis from Vocativ, there was a major increase in the use of the five biggest anti-Islam hashtags after the bombing on Saturday and over the course of the next two days.

In the past week, for example, the hashtag #BanIslam was used at least 22,291 times. Over the four days the led up to the bombing, it was used 10,339 times. But after the bombing, it was used in 11,952 tweets.




Ahmad Khan Rahami, the main suspect in the bombing, is a 28-year-old naturalized American citizen who was born in Afghanistan.