Authentic Book


The Qur’an, which is now in use all over the world, is the exact copy of the Qur’an which was compiled by the order of Abu Bakr and copies of which were officially sent by Uthman to different places. Even today many very old copies are found in big libraries in different parts of the world and if anyone has any doubt as to whether the Qur’an has remained absolutely safe and secure against every kind of change and alteration, he can compare any copy of the Qur’an with any of these copies and reassure himself. Moreover, if one gets a copy of the Qur’an from a bookseller, say, of Algeria in Africa in the West and compares it with a copy obtained from a bookseller, say, in Java [Indonesia] in the East, one will find both the copies to be identical with each other and also with the copies of the Qur’an made during die time of Uthman.  If even then anyone has any doubt left in his mind, he is advised to take any copy of the Qur’an from anywhere in the world and ask anyone, out of the millions of Huffaz [who have memorized the Qur’an by heart] to recite it word by word from the beginning to the end. He will find that the recitation conforms verbatim to the written text. This is a clear and irrefutable proof of the fact that the Qur’an which is in use today is the same Qur’an which was presented to the world by Muhammad (peace be upon him).

A septic might entertain a doubt about its revelation from Allah, but none can have any doubt whatsoever regarding its authenticity and immunity and purity from any and every kind of addition or omission or alteration, for there is nothing so authentic in the whole human history as this fact about the Qur’an that it is the same Qur’an that was presented by the Holy Prophet to the world.

The reading of the Qur’an (with a few minor variations) is the same as practiced and taught by the Holy Prophet. All the scholars and Qurr’a [plural of Qari, an expert in recitation] of the Qur’an have been unanimous in asserting that only that reading will be authentic which;

(a)  Conforms to the script of the copy circulated by Uthman.

(b)  Complies with the lexicon of Arabic, its usages idioms and grammar, and above all; is traceable by genuine and continuous links to the Holy Prophet himself.

That is why there are only a few variations in its reading and those are not contradictory in their meanings but enlarge their scope and make them more comprehensive. Thus there is absolutely no doubt that the Holy Prophet himself practiced those various readings in the instance which exit today, and they make the meanings more comprehensive.


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