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Long Videos [60>]

  1. Islam – An Introduction to Non-Muslims:
  2. Islam a Misunderstood Religion: A lecture by Dr. Jamal Badawi
  3. Muslims/Non-Muslims Relations: Misunderstood Qur’anic Texts
  4. Is the Qur’an True the Word of God?
  5. Preservation of the Holy Qur’an
  6. Crime and Punishment in the Qur’an
  7. Polygamy
  8. Moses , Jesus  , Muhammad
  9. Terrorism and Jihad
  10. Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly?
  11. Similarities Between Islam and Christianity
  12. Misconceptions of Islam
  13. Attacks against Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]

Short Videos

  1. Lies Against Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]
  2. Marriage with Aysha-1
  3. Marriage with Aysha-2
  4. No Bear? No Girlfriends? Compression of Women? Polygamy?
  5. How Bible Lead him to Islam?
  6. How Bible Lead him to Islam? Musa Cerantonio
  7. Pat Robertson- Islam not a Religion


Response to Atheists

Miscellaneous-Short Videos
Urdu Section:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rare Collection of Ahmad Deedat, Dr.Zakir Naik , Badawi

Click at:

  3. Over 1200 Videos of  Ahmad Deedat,  Dr.Zakir Naik & Others-clips
  6. Top Ten Reasons, Why Jesus is not God? [48 Mins video] by Joshua Evens:
On Islam
  1. Islam
  2. Islam in Nutshell in 8 Minutes by Jamal Bidawi
  4. Islamic Lectures U Tube:
  5. Islamic Videos
  6. Sects in Islam?
  7. Sect
  8. Imam Siraj Wahhaj Lectures


  1. Jesus Christ, The Beloved Prophet of Islam
  2. Judaism @ U-Tube
  3. Judaism, Christianity, Islam-1
  4. Atheism Debates
  5. Catholics vis Protestants
  6. Neoconservatism
  7. Jehovah’s Witness
  8. Mormonism
  9. Zionists Illuminati
  10. Christian Zionism
  11. Terror on 911
  12. Terrorism : Talk by Zakir
  13. Islam and Christianity

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