Historically the strong empires and kingdoms of old times and colonial, Super Powers of present age have been subjugating the other weaker nations for exploitation and oppression. The adventures of Alexander of Macedonia till the ambitions of Hitler did not die with these individuals their legacy survives. The US lead wars started initially as a covert operation against communist USSR in Afghanistan in eighties is still on with switching of sides of belligerents. The Muslim had to establish themselves against the Byzantine and Persian mighty super empires of 7th century C.E for their survival. Soon the Desert Storm smashed the mighty powers, by middle of 8th Century C.E they were knocking at the door of France after liberating Iberian peninsula, north Africa, later the Byzantines were expelled form middle East, crossed Iran and entered the central Asia, the rest is history. They laid the foundation of Islamic Civilization which for next millennium kept the world and Europe in defensive. Amazingly no Muslim force landed at the shores of Indonesia [the larges Muslim nation on earth] and other Far Eastern countries, they were reverted to Islam by Arab traders. Surprising even after conquering such vast lands, people were not forced to convert to Islam. Had it been so, 800 years later they would not have been expelled form Spain unceremoniously. What ever conversion took place it was through preaching by devoted and pious people and traders. Some odd incidence of coercion here and there can be ignored as individual act not as an official policy.

Once Muslims slacked, the Mongol hordes smashed Baghdad in 12th century C.E. However they learned the lesson and revived to be again overwhelmed by European colonizers starting in 15th century C.E. The rise and fall of nations and empires is a natural process in human history. Who could imagine Jews getting a hold in Palestine after 2000 years!  However while other empires are part of history, Muslims survive as  dominant community in 57 countries. Effort to subjugate them continues because the oppressive Western Capitalism considers them to be a threat to their expansionist designs. Muslim lands are rich in energy and other natural resources strategically located at world population and communication centers. The huge human capital of 1.5 Billions, mostly youth, add to their strength, the ideology of Jihad [striving for self defence and cause of Allah, Not through Terrorism] acts as force multiplier. Hence plan to keep them embroiled in petty disputes, wars and conflicts with a view to exploit their resources and keeping under check through supporting the corrupt rulers. The strength lies in the ideology of Islam which is being targeted. Islam is being projected as a threat to Western civilization and human freedom. Shari’a is projected as a barbarian law to undermine the human freedom which West claims to jealously guard. The reality is that presently except Saudi Arabia, which has some form of Shari’a, no other Muslim country has Shari’a in real sense, so why create the bogy? To scare the nations around the globe through false alarm so as to retain domination of Western imperialism.

The anti Islam websites and blogs are unleashing steams of propaganda based on half truths, creating more confusion by misrepresenting Islam also being done by the terrorists. These Islamophobes engage in “mental reservation” when they mention half-truths about Islam.  Their methodology is to mix half-truths (50-70% ) with outright lies (the remaining 50-30%).  Effort has been made to provide short response to allegations leveled against Islam. It is not comprehensive, as I would have like it to be, but this study/rebuttal should serve as springboard for objective study and understanding of Islam. All the Muslims, and Muslims, are urged to read and understand, Qur’an, without any prejudice and preconceived ideas; they will not only benefit themselves but can also help others in understanding Islam.

Islam is to be understood and learned, as preached and practiced by the majority of 1.5 billion Muslims, not from few thousand extremists, terrorists rejected by the majority Muslims. The main reason of Islamophobia is that they learn Islam from few hundred Terrorists, a fraction of Muslims.

The Islamophobes quote Islamic holy text as translated and understood by the Terrorists. Hence the Islamophobia is a mental disease like the mindset of terrorists. Here Islam is being explained in brief, which should remove the misconceptions if someone really want s to.  Let’s take an example … “Kill non Muslims” is frequently quoted … this is quoted out of context, the context in state of war, which is  normal in any battlefield. If we look at the past Muslim history of 1400 years, we shall see Muslims ruling Spain, India, Middle East and part of Europe, in most cases Muslims remained in minority. The non Muslims were not killed but even fought the wars alongwith their Muslim rulers. It does not need much effort to reject such fake, concocted myths.

Read What is Islam, plus read the Quran yourself, following English Translations and commentaries of Qur’an, they can be downloaded form authentic Islamic websites free of cost.

  1. Website for Multiple Translations and Exegesis of Quran
  2. Muhammad Asad, ‘The Message of Qur’an’:
  3. Translation, Commentary  By Abdullah Yousaf Ali,
  4. The Meanings of Qur’an’ (Tafheem-ul-Qur’an)” by Syed Abul A’ala Maududi.
  5. A Quick Guide for the Study of the Qur’an:

Our Lord! Do not punish us if we forget or make a mistake”[Qur’an;2:256]

Rebuttal Anti islam FAQs

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