‘Atnatu’, The Unique God of Aboriginal Australians • Salaam One سلام

The aborigine of South Australia calls their God “Atnatu” because some philosopher, poet or prophet had programmed them, that their father in Heaven is absolutely free from all needs; He is independent; He needs no food nor drink. This quality, in his primitive, un-inhibited language, he conversely named ATNATU, which literally meant “the One without an anus-the One without any flaw” i.e. the One from whom no impurity flows or emanates. Writes Late Ahmad Deedat [Allah may bless him], in his book, “What is his name”, said, Among all the 155 tantalizing names of God in the various tongues, the one that tickled me most was “ATNATU”.

What is so special about ATNATU?

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As an imam, I’m often asked about women’s role in Islam – and this is my message for International Women’s Day | The Independent

International Women’s Day is an incredibly important date, which should act as a reminder that we must live its values on every other day of the year. This year, more than ever, men have a responsibility to take part in the conversation, and have a responsibility to do what they can to further women’s rights. It is not women’s responsibility alone.

I am often asked about women’s role in Islam. The reality is that women are an integral part of both Islam and Britain alike. The Qu’ran regards men and women as equals in the sight of God. It’s time, then, that we champion the success of Muslim women such as Malala Yousafzai, Mishal Husain and Nadiya Hussain, who are throwing a positive spotlight on the contribution that Muslim women make to British society and who give young girls up and down the country and around the world someone to look up to.

Islam grants women, as it does men, fundamental rights to life, property, and opinion, and has done so for more than 14 centuries. However, it cannot be denied that despite this, they’ve had to fight for equality every step of the way. Men have sought control over their finances, opinions and fundamental rights to life, but “Time’s Up” on those controls; it’s time for a cultural shift…….