Islam is the cradle of women’s rights | Arab News

Over the years, feminism has become a term largely associated with being both female and liberal, and that has especially been the case in the Arab and Muslim worlds. It is a term that clerics and preachers have shunned and dubbed a Western concept, a conspiracy to destroy the region’s social fabric and exploit women, among other things. However, it is my belief that Islam is in fact the cradle of feminism, and possibly one of the very few religions that recognizes the important role of women, making them equal in every sense to their male counterparts.
Throughout his life, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was surrounded by strong, opinionated and intelligent women, and that fact is quite telling. His aunts, wives and daughters each played crucial roles in preserving and spreading his teachings, in addition to taking part in battles and political life. The Prophet sought their guidance on many occasions, spoke highly of them in public and, most importantly, gave them the space to become the strong women they were.
The woman who played the most significant role in the Prophet’s life was perhaps his first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid.>>>>>

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