‘Roman Holiday’ and America’s Muslim Peril

Now Muslims and Mexicans are the rage — this despite the fact that only 25 Americans have been killed by foreign-born terrorists since 9/11, compared with 451 killed by lightning strikes and over 165,000 who have been shot to death by other Americans in the same period. Facts notwithstanding, Muslims are the new clear and present danger, intent on total annihilation. If there are any Americans left standing after the Muslims get through with us, Mexicans will surely take our jobs.

Some of those Muslims we’ve been warned about come from Iraq, where they make their own movies about the threat of foreign terrorists. In those films, a superpower invades their country in 2003, resulting in the deaths of half a million Iraqi men, women, and children — 1.5% of their country’s population 》》》》》》


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