Fake ex Muslims

What is a fake ex Muslim?

A fake ex Muslim is somebody who is being untruthful about being a former Muslim. The errors an individual makes regarding their supposed devout Muslim background is what makes it apparent. A fake ex Muslim could also be somebody who is being untruthful with regards to their former devotion to Islam. I.e. a person who in reality was a nominal Muslim claiming a former devout Muslim.

Why do you care so much that Ergun is an ex Muslim? get over it!

This question can be answered with a similitude of the situation: 

Imagine there are two people who are popular around the world because they claim that they used to be part of your famous family. And because of this claim, these two people write books about your family, appear on television giving interviews about your family and become presidents of well known universities by the means of saying they were once part of your popular family. But the only problem is – that they were never part of your family. 

And you know this because when they speak about your family, they get the name of your mother wrong and accidentally call her “Suzanne” instead of “Tracy”, and they call your brother by the name of “Lucas” when really his name is “Jack”, and then to make matters worse – they say that your family are dreadful people who we must stay away from because of your corrupt way of life.

What would you do?

Keep reading Source:  http://www.fakeexmuslims.com/faqs


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