About Robert Spencer | Spencer Watch

The bloody and confrontational circumstances surrounding the purported personal history of Spencer’s family provide a logical explanation for the animus towards Islam and Muslims in much of the polemical work that Spencer has produced since achieving a public profile through his David Horowitz funded website, JihadWatch. It also explains his hostility to Turkey, and the reason he would join a genocidal Facebook group that called for Turkey to be “ethnically cleansed” of Turkish Muslims. JihadWatch, the website that is administered by Robert Spencer was founded in 2003. Since then Spencer has published thousands of articles and blog postings, has had numerous speaking engagements, (mostly at Conservative gatherings) and has laid claim to ten books on the “threat” of Islam. Spencer’s attack against Islam can be broken down into two categories: polemical and activist:

Read full story >>>> Source: About Robert Spencer | Spencer Watch

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